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scooter 3 years ago
I kept hoping that midget chick would crawl up that fat womans pussy, backwards, then she could suck that dudes dick from inside her pussy. Now that would be one wild fuck.
RamRanch 3 years ago
What have i just watched!?
Spaniiiiiish 3 years ago
I'm not very proud about what I just do wtfffff
Niggae 2 years ago
Name girl midget?
Disturbed 2 years ago
Does anyone here know how I can unwatch this?
Alan 2 years ago
I can't even imagine having sex with a Land Whale, YUK!!
Swa 2 years ago
I need help
Yuuuupppp 2 years ago
Literally beat off and came. Basically skipped to the midget part. After I came I immediately felt regret. Damn that post nut clarity. Side note, does anyone else cum and catch most of it in their hand and eat it after? Is that gay? Idk I guess one jerking off could be considered gay. Who knows. I’ve experimented and much prefer women. Don’t really find other men attractive. Oh well carry on lol.
Lol 2 years ago
Do you ever wanna make these comments viral but realize mfs gonna end up baking you? Because I haven't even watched it yet but these comments are actually comedy
Damn 2 years ago
That dwarf is pretty hot