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nycgyal 3 years ago
that was hard to watch zero chemistry she looks disgusted by him lmao
Anal toy 3 years ago
This was dry and boring.
Aaron 3 years ago
Thought it was Mike Tyson lol
Ugly dck 3 years ago
Instead of growing longer it grew wider.. that sht looks ugly as f
Eric Montz 3 years ago
I like my porn to have an Oscar worthy acting. Wtf is this shit.
Hm... 3 years ago
I think she's moaning in pain, not pleasure
A white hubby 3 years ago
His dick is very thick from the base about half way to the head and that's the part he doesn't pit in her til the very end. I want.to see him stuff it all in. It's not that long so dang shorty stuff it in. She was quite disgusted with him right from the start. Didn't she know she was shooting with him. Why did his cum drip from the bottom of his cock and then again at the end.
The rest of them are all... 3 years ago
Oscar winners by comparison. 0 FAPs
3 years ago
I'm a bi guy and I've had them that thick and long lube and relaxing the anus it will slide in and it feels amazing.
Kool9 1 year ago
This guy has a big thick pole yeah, but he NEVER kisses the girls and there NEVER seems to be any chemistry in his scenes. He is like a living dildo with an ugly face. He has all these pretty women but it looks like they all are just grabbing a payday and then taking a shower for 2 hours.