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lucy 3 years ago
Lol my mum rang me once when a guy was licking my pussy and fingering my ass it was difficult talking and concentrating
Joe 3 years ago
He’s my hero.........and she is so fucking cute......give mom my best!!!!
3 years ago
Short teaser, but nice
big boy 2 years ago
Have fucked my wife many times while she is on the phone. she loves it. a few times she came without putting phone down. One of her girlfriends that heard it all came to the house and we all did it over the the phone tand let their other girlfriend hear,.great with 2 wet horny pussies
3 years ago
Ha ha ha..... Verry funny..... I like this and also did before.
Jord 2 years ago
It's nit easy too, it happened to me just last week in the morning. My Mom was talking to me whilst my lady was seriously riding me to the heavens. I was herrrr
2 years ago
I wish I could find somebody with a big cock to FUCK my wife.
Real 3 years ago
It’d be funny if she dropped hints she was fucking..if she’s a single or hot mom she’s prob play with herself to it.Itd be cute
Bob 3 years ago
Everyone has done a version of this
WHAT THE.. 2 years ago
Mom dad is that you?????