Talking to boyfriend while fucking step dad: Watch free full porn videos

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daddysgirl 2 years ago
My BF was away in the force's, we would chat most nights, often he would ask me to masturbate as we talked, he said he was soing it too, one night dad caught me, he wasn't angry, more apologetic, I asked him to help me as I wasn't really feeling horny, he was giving me a good fingering but I needed more and sat on his cock, my BF said how horny my moaning was making him, now I fuck daddy all the time.
Lovemeg 4 years ago
My step daughter and I done this before we did it and she broke up with the loser boyfriend and I know live a great life both mom and daughter she have me my son
Filthy Princess 1 year ago
Tempted to try this with my daddy I've rubbed thinking about him since I was young, so wet now
WHOREBAG 9 months ago
Says she just got out of the shower before fucking, proceeds to tell boyfriend afterwards that she has to shower... smart

Also, hes hot as fuck... she's annoying
3 years ago
He is a stud, and she is fucking annoying!