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LOL 5 years ago
Nigga got Helen Keller ears not to hear this hoe
Lol 5 years ago
Tell me about ur day from start to finish. Damn, best girlfriend ever. Hell my mom didn't care to ask me that question growing up. That women right there is a keeper
Lmaoo 5 years ago
I'm sitting on the toilet and right after I nutted a turd flew out of my ass and is now stuck on the back of the tolite
bullshit 5 years ago
If you had a girlfriend like that and she tells you she is wet for you and you're not breaking the speed limit and drifting around corners just to get to that but you want to tell her how your day went. Bullshit!!! I'd have cops lined up outside to arrest my ass
Whaddup Niggg 5 years ago
Ya want me ta talk dirty to ya? Ahhh yeaaaa, lmao hell nahh niggg.
HotRod69 5 years ago
What’s her name???
Amazing 5 years ago
"Just stubbed my toe..."
Keriw 3 years ago
Kids, you should already know that covering/blocking a microphone with your finger (or any other body part or object) doesn't cut off any sound/voice transmission at all. You have to mute the microphone in your phone to be sure.
Vegeta 5 years ago
Am loockin for a gril
Israfil 3 years ago
Nice foking