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Redheads feet smell the best 5 years ago
I would get her pregnant
Cam 5 years ago
The redder the head, the better in bed.
Jeffco 5 years ago
it's fine to dislike tattoos, but 1) you're on a wank site and 2) if you are trying to say you'd kick her out of bed, save your breath-- no one is buying that bullshit.
Frank 5 years ago
I would love to fuck her.. what's her name?
@Mr Pickles 5 years ago
If tattoos ruined your boner you must a fag like the rest of theses guy that are crying about it
hjtyj 5 years ago
I want to breed her and make a red head baby.
What? 5 years ago
What tf is wrong with u guys it's just fucking tattoos your acting like it's a fucking rare to see, quit acting like some old ass religious bitches
Hank 5 years ago
Fuck skinny girls she is perfect size you feel when you fuck her
Confused 5 years ago
What's the point of being redhead if we can't see your pussy hair?
I Normally 5 years ago
Dont comment but if her tattoos bother you that much you must be a fucking [email protected], jason